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The earthquakes in Christchurch and more recently the Seddon quakes have bought to the fore the need for New Zealand's seismically active regions to have buildings that can withstand a significant seismic event.

In recent years CMS has successfully completed a number of seismic upgrades within Wellington. These projects vary in size and scope, they include a multi story building on Boulcott Street (iPayroll House), a recreational hall for the Upper Hutt City Council and a retail building on Wellingtons Cuba Mall.

Reasons to Earthquake Strengthen?

  • Prevent the loss of life in an event.
  • Decrease your insurance costs.
  • Attract new tenants in a competitive market where the %NBC is a major factor in where tenants choose to do business.
  • Provide your staff with a safe place of work.
  • Protect and increase the value of your investment.
  • It will eventually be a regulatory requirement.

Why engage CMS?


We have a good record of being the most competitive contractor when pricing complex seismic upgrade projects. We achieve this through thorough planning and a highly versatile workforce that allows us to execute as many aspects of the job as possible using our own resources. This includes supplying and fabricating structural steel, all site welding is done by our own certified welders and concrete core drilling is done by our staff with our own drilling equipment.


We are "small enough to care", it is cliche but nonetheless true. Our small team of qualified tradespeople are dedicated to the company and the projects we work on.

During the strengthening of iPayroll House we worked overnight and seven days a week to deliver the project well ahead of time and on budget. During weeknights we would prepare an area for the installation of steel elements. All drilling and noisy work was then done when the live-in tenant vacated for the weekend (Read more on this project HERE).

A lot of disruption when working in a building is caused by using hammer drills in concrete. If necessary we can use our specialized drilling equipment to quietly, cleanly and efficiently wet core holes of small diameter in a building. This gives us continuity when working in tenanted building where other contractors would be restricted to drilling after working hours.


Having great subcontractors is a prerequisite for a successful project. We have working relationships with many subcontractors that we know and trust. These include the usual electricians, plumbers, hvac etc but also specialist services like micro-piling contractors, geotechnical engineers, project managers, seismic plaster system applicators and engineering/fabrication shops.

If you are looking an assessment of your property, a design engineer or a review of your proposed strengthening design contact us. We can put you in touch with a firm that uses computer modeling to accurately asses your building.


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